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"Conspiracy" EP



Having reviewed their debut single, 'Take Me', a few weeks ago, I was hot off the mark when the EP came up for review. 'Conspiracy' is the debut EP for WHITE RAVEN DOWN, a new band from Southend-on-Sea. The band's name is a metaphor for bad luck, the white raven being the bearer of good fortune but this one being "down" is therefore of no use as a lucky charm. I don't think they’ll need that analogy any longer… 'Conspiracy' will be available from 15th June 2018.


So, I load the EP on my phone, press play, and… am not disappointed in the slightest. The first track, 'Broken Door', has solid drums, those lush emotive nasally vocals, and grimy riffs. The verses are stripped back, with haunting melodies, and lead into a huge rousing chorus. After 4 minutes, the track is moved up a notch and drives it home to the close. Bloody hell.


When I reviewed 'Take Me' I described it as "high octane, riff-fuelled" and I haven't changed my mind. I love the sound of this guy's voice, gritty and passionate, and the track has a deep-seated groove and an absorbing guitar solo.
'Not Alone' starts with a head-banging intro and has a vintage ‘60s style to the vocal and riffs, again, with that bottomless vocal. The hard rock instrumental is huge and the drums get a hammering, but there are also some indie touches to their sound which make it stand out in a crowded, talented market at the moment. It's melodic and memorable and I double-dare you not to sing along.


'Silence' is my track of the EP, a gentler guitar-led intro and the familiar WRD style of mellow verses against an anthemic chorus; "we will not be ignored". Indeed. The true extent of the depth and pitch of the vocal is more evident here, both the vocal and the instrumental rising and falling and taking my heart-rate along for the ride. The guitar work from 3:30 is simply divine, building to a roaring solo, adding to the thrill of the chase and excitement of the track. This song alone is like a three course meal - you exit the other side fully nourished and satiated. Heavenly.


'Salvation' crashes into the party like the A-list friend you’ve all been waiting for, with a vocal which is more gravelly but not any less emotive and stunning riffs. Again the beat is super catchy, fleshing out unforgettable melodies with vibrant vocals, and closing a momentous debut EP.


Remember the name, WHITE RAVEN DOWN. You heard it here first. The most addictive debut EP I've heard in a long while and a band where I instantly love every note and chord. There is some awesome new talent out there right now and these guys have the potential to help lead the way.


Buy it. Love it. Spread the word.

Midland Metalheads

"Take Me" Single


The band, have just exploded like an Atom, onto the U.K music scene! You would be forgiven for thinking this band as been around for years when you hear this single, and how professional it sounds.

Stu Bailey (guitarist) from the band, told me to expect this debut single very soon, and today the wait was over!

Opening my messages today, there it was, the video to their debut single! Hitting the play button i couldn't wait!

Holy Lord!!, All i can say is, this tune smacked me full in the head with an almighty explosion. Hard hitting, full on Hard Rock and just the kind of band I like to get my teeth into. 
"Take Me" hit me from the word go! Extraordinary fine vocals from front man Bill Taylor, and The immense Guitar solo from Stu Baliey belting out like a Thunderous,Rock Siren, has left me wanting to hear more!! The bass and drum booming out like a thunderous applause!

This may be their first single but hell am i looking forward to hearing more from this band!
If this is what we can expect from their forthcoming debut EP, it is going to be a Hell of a ride!


Radio Stations, Promoters, Venues.. THE WORLD!!! 

People you seriousley need to check this band out! NOW- Respect to this band for this!

The Psychosin Project - Underground Rising

"Conspiracy EP"

Ron Jenkinson

Nexus Music Blog

White Raven Down have managed to catch our attention and then some with their release titled ‘Salvation‘, taken from their debut EP ‘Conspiracy’. The four-piece are situated in Essex, made up of members Bill (Vox), Stu (Guitar), Luke (Bass) and Tom (Drums). White Raven Down have recieved fantastic support from a number of angles in regards to their most recent work. BBC Introducing have been showing love for the band from one angle, whilst the band have ammased 10,000 views on their music video for previous track ‘Take Me‘.

However, the bands uniquesness and individuality shine through in their latest video for track ‘Salvation‘.

‘Salvation’ emits a level of energy that will instantly see you connect with the four-piece. With dynamic vocals, a haunting and alluring tone and reverberant guitars, it’s no surprise that this track hits like a sledgehammer but is polite enough to keep you around for the duration.

It’s a fine example of what belief and understanding in your ability can deliver. The performance in the video, the performance throughout the track itself and the overall feeling just adds so much weight and direction to an already great body of work. Passion shines through in almost every aspect and the performance and I will be amazed if anyone is not able to pick up on this themselves.

The vocals are placed so well amongst the mix that the track has the ability to shine without taking away anything from any performance given throughout. In fear of repeating myself due to how great I think this track is, I will have to hold fire a little. But be under no illusions, I am a huge fan of this band upon hearing this track.

It’s an honest track, with a punch as hard the Hulks and an energy that would see the most lethargic amongst us get completly pumped. I look forward to seeing what else is to come in the future from White Raven Down.

Metal Addicts

"Conspiracy" EP


An interesting band with a more interesting proposal. That’s White Raven Down with “Conspiracy.” The interest begins with the band’s name, which was taken from an old norse legend “A White Raven and a Bison.” An urban tale, or myth says that rock bands are kind of airheads – there is even a film with this title – who can’t even spell their own names. We all know that’s not the reality, but, you know, they can keep it, we simply don’t care. What I have to say is that’s certainly some fresh air.

Well, to begin with, “Conspiracy” has a great opening track, “Broken Door.” Strong Metal riffed with uptempos and downtempos which bring a complex atmosphere of emotions to the song. On second track things change drastically. From “Take Me” White Raven Down show everything they got. And it’s a 1990 driven sound as they admit. The cool thing about this is that White Raven Down leave behind the boring aspects about the grunge scene to bring out what they had of most exciting. They don’t shoegaze all the time, they don’t write those repetitive riffings that go around song after song. “Silence”, for instance, is full of excitement even using the formula. And a great guitar solo and drumming.

What we take from it is White Raven Down only got the inspiration from grunge scene and built up their own. But, hey, isn’t it what we expect from bands? Yes, it is. Listen to the guitar leading phrase in “Salvation” and tell me you won’t catch yourself singing it along. Here I have to open a parenthesis to the guitar performance. Man, the guy is a powerhouse of cool phrasing. The ones that make you air guitar and sing along. The same in “Take Me” and its leading guitar riff.

White Raven Down are a band that call the shots. And it’s so important to a band because they do what they really like as one can feel listening to their songs. It’s noticiable the guys are having a good time. Again, as I always do, the problem is that “Conspiracy” is an EP with only five tracks. We’re looking forward for some more.

Guys Like Us from the USA 

"Salvation" Music Video

Ascension Festival - Performance Review

The Patriot, Crumlin, Wales

Down The Front Media

Southend-on-Sea natives WHITE RAVEN DOWN say their sound doesn’t fit into a specific genre, but they definitely have a very strong hard rock feel with a modern twist. The band released their single ‘Take Me’ followed by the EP ‘Conspiracy’ just two months later. Their evolution as a band has resulted in solid, energetic live performances, where the band come alive, bringing the crowd with them.


Lively, loud and energetic, the guys are striking right from the outset, with thick, riff heavy guitars and solid, rumbling bass lines. Tom seems supercharged with nitro, his powerful drumming with Will’s melodic vocals overlaid sounds incredible; the multi-layering makes for an immense sound, it was pumping! Will has incredible tone, especially on ‘Silence’, dedicated to Fiona, DTF Front of House manager for the weekend. He was a great, engaging frontman, performing a fantastic Freddie Mercury-esque tribute.


These guys have gig etiquette to the max! They were so incredibly supportive of all the bands playing here this weekend and of the industry as a whole. Brilliant interaction and audience participation. This is an expressive, entertaining band and their set went by in a flash, a true sign of a fucking good band! They would make worthy headliners. It’s time you #jointheconspiracy


Shoutout to Stu Bailey who has to riverdance over his gigantic pedal board! #NicestGuyInRock

Not Alone [2.0]

Games Brains & Headbanging Life

Essex, UK up and coming rock band, White Raven Down have released the video for the track Not Alone taken from their Conspiracy EP. The audio has been remixed by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine and Stone Broken) to give it a 2.0 flavour.


We like White Raven Down. We like them a lot. We look at them and can see a band that could be huge in the future if they continue to work as hard as they currently do.

They just seem to get how to be a band in modern times. Huge social media presence, building and securing a tight fanbase before spreading their wings and heading out around the country. Then there is the music. A tightly controlled slab of hard rock that is both radio friendly and filled with head-bangers at the same time.

Join the conspiracy indeed.


This new release just cements everything we already know. For starters…the video is a banger. Very professional and so very rock and roll. As for the song? It’s simple really…it’s a catchy banger that highlights everything great about this band.

From the groovy as heck riffs to the powerful yet restrained vocals to the depth the bass adds to the rhythm and the meatiness of the drums. It’s impossible to not bang your head along to this track but you already know that, right?

If not, check it out yourself...

Metal Planet Music

White Raven Down talks to Metal Planet Music straight after their blistering set at HRH 2019...

13 Days of Horror - Stu Bailey of White Raven Down

Games, Brains & Headbanging Life

As part of 2019’s 13 Days of Halloween, we here at Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life thought it would be fun to see if some of the bands and artists we love had any interest in horror. It turns out quite a lot do so we turned it into an interview.

1. First things first…introduce yourself please!

Hi my name is Stu Bailey. I play guitar for heavy rock band White Raven Down.

2. What are your top 3 favourite horror movies and why?

The Exorcist – I’ll never forget watching it in the cinema which was the 25th Anniversary UK re release I think.. The effect it had on the audience…  and me… I was 17. Me and a mate of mine totally shat our pants.. I dropped him home and there was this alleyway he had to go through to get to his house.. well he started walking then his mind must’ve started to playing tricks on him..he quickened his pace a bit, which got a little faster and then faster still until it became a full on sprint..I watched him run down it laughing.. ha ha!! But in all honesty I was just glad I didn’t have to go down it.. lol. I appreciate the effects are dated etc but that just adds to the tone for me… I love it.

28 Days Later – My first encounter of seeing running infected/zombies on the big screen.. It was terrifying for me.. I was on a date and she was squeezing my arm so bloody tight I was getting pins and needles in my left hand.. The atmospheric way in which the movie was shot along with the film grain made it feel like a b-movie to me.. and I was totally into that.. Also at the time I was working in London and the eeriness of seeing London deserted was just mesmerising/fascinating and made me think.


Pet Semetary – For a weird reason this.

I read the Stephen King novel as an open study of evil at school. I have always been an animal lover and the story makes you ask questions if you would do the same thing for your beloved pets… The book absolutely creeped me out as I thought I was seeing things behind me in the bathroom mirror.. ha ha!! Scared the crap out of me.. not long after I read the book I saw the 1989 movie and although it had its flaws I was engrossed into the story because of the affection I had for the book.. And surprisingly enough I really, really enjoyed the 2019 remake!!

3. Do you remember your first experience with horror? Was it at a young age?

My very first experience of horror was at a young age… 5 or 6 years old.. I watched Jaws.. The suspense of not seeing the shark until late on in the movie really excited me.. then when it came the blood and shock really hit home.. The idea of losing a limb, blood and drowning at the same time freaked me out.. you would think that would put me off swimming but I love the ocean and particularly scuba diving.. lol.

I went from Jaws to Schwarzenegger Action movies to Hellraiser and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies from the age of 7 to 10 years old.. we had a guy who would bring VHS movies in the back of his car and I would hire 2 or 3 for a week at a time… It was that that got me into Night Of The Living Dead, Halloween, Evil Dead, Phantasm, Nightbreed, The People Under The Stairs etc.

4. What era of horror is your favourite & why?

I would probably have to say the 80’s were a pretty cool era of horror for me..

I loved it that the effects were practical, basic and tried to out do the last gory movie… and in places it got ridiculous… but hey we’re horror fans and sometimes the gore doesn’t have to make sense.. lol.

I’m thinking Evil Dead territory here.

5. What frightens or creeps you out in horror?

I gotta say gory doesn’t creep me out.. subtlety creeps me out more and when I’m challenged to think about something… being left alone with my own thoughts… that’s what creeps me out along with found footage films.. that said I do remember the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre creeping me out with the ultra realistic violence… again it had that b-movie feel that I seem to get drawn to.

6. Who is your horror inspiration? Be it a director/actor/author etc.

An author I have always loved is the English author James Herbert.

His trilogy of The Rats, Lair and Domain were just gripping for me.. his descriptions of gore were detailed enough for me to really picture the death scenes… I now have an absolute intolerance of being around/near Rats all because of this man… and I was raised in the country surrounded by mice and rats.. lol. So you would think I’d be fine with things like that but I just cannot handle them at all.

I wish someone would make movies of this trilogy and do them really really well… We have the technology now unlike when “The Rats” was made into a movie called “Deadly Eyes” in 1982. The Rats were dogs in Rat suits.. lol.

He has other great novels that would make brilliant movies too.. The Fog, The Survivor, The Magic Cottage, The Spear to name just a few.

7. Do you enjoy modern horror or do you look to the past for your fix?

I would say I would usually look to the past for my horror fix.

“Hellraiser”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, Night Of The Living Dead”, “Demons” are all movies I can revisit at anytime.

But I gotta say I just finished watching the new Ash vs Evil Dead. All 3 series.. And I bloody loved it. Bruce Campbell as Ash brought up to date with the modern, completely over the top gore and one liners is just magic to me… Loved every minute of it and I’m really gutted it got cancelled. I highly recommend it.

The modern TV show of “The Exorcist” I really got into… it’s not a re telling, it’s a continuation of the the original story brought right up to date.. both series were brilliant but Disney Studios bought Fox studios who made the show and Disney were never going to continue with the project. It was a real shame as I’d love to know what happened to the characters next.

I also have a love for modern foreign Horror movies.. I think they capture the essence of tone and atmosphere of some 70’s and early 80’s American horror movies like “The Entity” and “The Exorcist” for example.

I love the Spanish zombie movie “Rec” 1 and 2 in fact I thought they were really, really well executed and brutal on the nerves. French zombie horror movie “Horde” is also a favourite of mine.

Spanish possession movie “Veronica” I loved recently. All low budget, dark gritty movies. But then big budget Korean zombie movie “Train To Busan” really grabbed me too.

8. What horror movie is universally beloved that you just don’t like?

I enjoy most horror films in one way or another but I would say that my least favourite type of horror movie would be serious slasher films.. and I suppose the pinnacle of that would be something like “Friday the 13th”.

9. If you could shoot one horror cliché/trope into the sun to never be used again. What would it be?

I think that would have to be the mirror set piece.. I think that it’s been over used over the years.

10. Same question but about type/style. What type or style of horror would you happily never watch again?

I think the style straight up “slasher” style.. I really enjoyed the “Scream”, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Hostel” movies but it is the form of horror I enjoy least I think.

11. What gets you excited when watching horror?

The unknown. I love being drip fed information or snippet of visuals on a kill scene, so when we do eventually see the monster or whatever we get a full sense of dread and fear.

12. Have you had any real life scary experiences? We’re talking supernatural or something that can’t be reasonably explained.

Yes I have.

My wife and I were in bed with the bedroom door open to the landing area. one night around 2 or 3 in the morning there was a flash of intense white light and a sound of burning.. the sort of sound you hear if you were to ignite a gas stove.

This came from the landing area.

My wife and I both woke up immediately.. I walked out onto the landing and all of the adjoining rooms.. no electrical burns (it was a modern house so the wiring was good), all the lightbulbs worked, it was a calm night with no lightening outside, it was a quiet close so no traffic lights. We cannot explain it and we both experienced the exact same thing.


Quickfire Questions

1. Favourite overall franchise (3 or more movies)?

Right now I’d say Evil Dead.

2. Most memorable character death?

28 Weeks Later – Robert Carlyle as an infected kills his wife digging his thumbs into her eye sockets and gives her a beating. Very realistic and the emotional context in which that scene occurs makes it harrowing.

3. Best horror twist?

Saw – Jigsaw in the room the whole damn time!!

4. Favourite Stephen King book?

Pet Semetary as I said earlier. Second favourite is Cujo.

5. Best remake of a horror movie?

I Spit On Your Grave and Night Of The Living Dead.

6. Worst remake of a horror movie?

Total Recall… what a pile of shit. lol. Horror wise A Nightmare On Elm Street.

7. Favourite horror villain?

Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street or Pinhead from Hellraiser.

8. It’s Halloween night…you settle down with some popcorn to watch…what?

My wife hates horror movies so we’d probably have to go with some sci-fi (which I also love) and then watch a horror movie in the morning as I’m an early riser.. lol. It would be The Conjuring!

We’d like to thank Stu of White Raven Down for taking the time to speak with us. You can find our more about the band by checking out their Facebook Page and website.

Aonia Fest - Live Review

Games, Brains & Headbanging Life

The Corporation, Sheffield

Brendan – What a talented group these guys are. They really do seem to have it all. Great vocals, an excellent guitarist and a brilliant rhythm section that pushes out a plethora of filthy grooves. They have great stage presence too. Even a broken bass string, spot of spontaneous jogging for the bassist to get a replacement and the 3 minutes of improvisation while they wait for his return becomes an endearing moment rather than an awkward one. They are infectiously enthusiastic, and their music catches you and pulls you along on a wave of punchy riffing. I could happily have listened to these guys for another 30 minutes. Join the Conspiracy – I have.

Carl – The mark of a great band is how they handle an on-stage issue, the one Brendan mentioned above and White Raven Down are a great band. Plying their hard rock sound, they are the epitome of professionalism and knock it out of the park with a bunch of head-banging tunes. I’ve been a fan for a while now and shows like this just confirm them as one of the shining lights of the UK rock scene.

Aonia Fest lll - Post Show Interview

The Mocha Metal Show

Aonia Fest lll - Post Show Interview

Games, Brains & Headbanging Life

Hard Rock Hell Xlll

Acoustic & Electric Live Review

Rock Media UK

A great way to start the day from White Raven Down with a chilled out acoustic set, supposedly their first in front of an audience. If that is indeed true we wouldn’t have known if they hadn’t told us. With Bill the singer suffering from a touch man flu and the set list left back in the van they were taking a risk that all would be okay. But with Tom the percussionist switching between bongo and cajon as the song required, they clearly had a great feel for the material, with the vocals to a degree benefiting from the singers suffering, the voice breaking up at times but this just had the effect of adding extra soul and emotion. Stu on guitar added sensitive backing vocals enhancing the impact of the songs. There was some good banter with the audience and to finish proceedings they feigned covering Stairway to Heaven before launching into an amusing and enjoyable cover of Tenacious D’s Tribute, before finally ending with the closing line from Stairway, brilliant. Later in the day White Raven Down performed an electric set starting with a great dramatic build up led into an energetic and powerful delivery but unfortunately due to a bout of man flu the vocals from Bill were weak. Turning up the vocals in the mix would have helped combat this, but he soldiered on and did a pretty good job in the circumstances and the crowd engagement was great. Fortunately I’d seen their acoustic set earlier which gave me a good indication of their song-writing skills. should be when fully fit so I will have to seek out these guys again when they have a fully functioning singer.