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Down The Front

"Conspiracy" EP



Having reviewed their debut single, 'Take Me', a few weeks ago, I was hot off the mark when the EP came up for review. 'Conspiracy' is the debut EP for WHITE RAVEN DOWN, a new band from Southend-on-Sea. The band's name is a metaphor for bad luck, the white raven being the bearer of good fortune but this one being "down" is therefore of no use as a lucky charm. I don't think they’ll need that analogy any longer… 'Conspiracy' will be available from 15th June 2018.


So, I load the EP on my phone, press play, and… am not disappointed in the slightest. The first track, 'Broken Door', has solid drums, those lush emotive nasally vocals, and grimy riffs. The verses are stripped back, with haunting melodies, and lead into a huge rousing chorus. After 4 minutes, the track is moved up a notch and drives it home to the close. Bloody hell.


When I reviewed 'Take Me' I described it as "high octane, riff-fuelled" and I haven't changed my mind. I love the sound of this guy's voice, gritty and passionate, and the track has a deep-seated groove and an absorbing guitar solo.
'Not Alone' starts with a head-banging intro and has a vintage ‘60s style to the vocal and riffs, again, with that bottomless vocal. The hard rock instrumental is huge and the drums get a hammering, but there are also some indie touches to their sound which make it stand out in a crowded, talented market at the moment. It's melodic and memorable and I double-dare you not to sing along.


'Silence' is my track of the EP, a gentler guitar-led intro and the familiar WRD style of mellow verses against an anthemic chorus; "we will not be ignored". Indeed. The true extent of the depth and pitch of the vocal is more evident here, both the vocal and the instrumental rising and falling and taking my heart-rate along for the ride. The guitar work from 3:30 is simply divine, building to a roaring solo, adding to the thrill of the chase and excitement of the track. This song alone is like a three course meal - you exit the other side fully nourished and satiated. Heavenly.


'Salvation' crashes into the party like the A-list friend you’ve all been waiting for, with a vocal which is more gravelly but not any less emotive and stunning riffs. Again the beat is super catchy, fleshing out unforgettable melodies with vibrant vocals, and closing a momentous debut EP.


Remember the name, WHITE RAVEN DOWN. You heard it here first. The most addictive debut EP I've heard in a long while and a band where I instantly love every note and chord. There is some awesome new talent out there right now and these guys have the potential to help lead the way.


Buy it. Love it. Spread the word.

Midland Metalheads

"Take Me" Single


The band, have just exploded like an Atom, onto the U.K music scene! You would be forgiven for thinking this band as been around for years when you hear this single, and how professional it sounds.

Stu Bailey (guitarist) from the band, told me to expect this debut single very soon, and today the wait was over!

Opening my messages today, there it was, the video to their debut single! Hitting the play button i couldn't wait!

Holy Lord!!, All i can say is, this tune smacked me full in the head with an almighty explosion. Hard hitting, full on Hard Rock and just the kind of band I like to get my teeth into. 
"Take Me" hit me from the word go! Extraordinary fine vocals from front man Bill Taylor, and The immense Guitar solo from Stu Baliey belting out like a Thunderous,Rock Siren, has left me wanting to hear more!! The bass and drum booming out like a thunderous applause!

This may be their first single but hell am i looking forward to hearing more from this band!
If this is what we can expect from their forthcoming debut EP, it is going to be a Hell of a ride!


Radio Stations, Promoters, Venues.. THE WORLD!!! 

People you seriousley need to check this band out! NOW- Respect to this band for this!

The Psychosin Project - Underground Rising

"Conspiracy EP"

Ron Jenkinson

Nexus Music Blog

White Raven Down have managed to catch our attention and then some with their release titled ‘Salvation‘, taken from their debut EP ‘Conspiracy’. The four-piece are situated in Essex, made up of members Bill (Vox), Stu (Guitar), Luke (Bass) and Tom (Drums). White Raven Down have recieved fantastic support from a number of angles in regards to their most recent work. BBC Introducing have been showing love for the band from one angle, whilst the band have ammased 10,000 views on their music video for previous track ‘Take Me‘.

However, the bands uniquesness and individuality shine through in their latest video for track ‘Salvation‘.

‘Salvation’ emits a level of energy that will instantly see you connect with the four-piece. With dynamic vocals, a haunting and alluring tone and reverberant guitars, it’s no surprise that this track hits like a sledgehammer but is polite enough to keep you around for the duration.

It’s a fine example of what belief and understanding in your ability can deliver. The performance in the video, the performance throughout the track itself and the overall feeling just adds so much weight and direction to an already great body of work. Passion shines through in almost every aspect and the performance and I will be amazed if anyone is not able to pick up on this themselves.

The vocals are placed so well amongst the mix that the track has the ability to shine without taking away anything from any performance given throughout. In fear of repeating myself due to how great I think this track is, I will have to hold fire a little. But be under no illusions, I am a huge fan of this band upon hearing this track.

It’s an honest track, with a punch as hard the Hulks and an energy that would see the most lethargic amongst us get completly pumped. I look forward to seeing what else is to come in the future from White Raven Down.

Metal Addicts

"Conspiracy" EP


An interesting band with a more interesting proposal. That’s White Raven Down with “Conspiracy.” The interest begins with the band’s name, which was taken from an old norse legend “A White Raven and a Bison.” An urban tale, or myth says that rock bands are kind of airheads – there is even a film with this title – who can’t even spell their own names. We all know that’s not the reality, but, you know, they can keep it, we simply don’t care. What I have to say is that’s certainly some fresh air.

Well, to begin with, “Conspiracy” has a great opening track, “Broken Door.” Strong Metal riffed with uptempos and downtempos which bring a complex atmosphere of emotions to the song. On second track things change drastically. From “Take Me” White Raven Down show everything they got. And it’s a 1990 driven sound as they admit. The cool thing about this is that White Raven Down leave behind the boring aspects about the grunge scene to bring out what they had of most exciting. They don’t shoegaze all the time, they don’t write those repetitive riffings that go around song after song. “Silence”, for instance, is full of excitement even using the formula. And a great guitar solo and drumming.

What we take from it is White Raven Down only got the inspiration from grunge scene and built up their own. But, hey, isn’t it what we expect from bands? Yes, it is. Listen to the guitar leading phrase in “Salvation” and tell me you won’t catch yourself singing it along. Here I have to open a parenthesis to the guitar performance. Man, the guy is a powerhouse of cool phrasing. The ones that make you air guitar and sing along. The same in “Take Me” and its leading guitar riff.

White Raven Down are a band that call the shots. And it’s so important to a band because they do what they really like as one can feel listening to their songs. It’s noticiable the guys are having a good time. Again, as I always do, the problem is that “Conspiracy” is an EP with only five tracks. We’re looking forward for some more.

Guys Like Us from the USA 

"Salvation" Music Video

Ascension Festival - Performance Review

The Patriot, Crumlin, Wales

Down The Front Media

Southend-on-Sea natives WHITE RAVEN DOWN say their sound doesn’t fit into a specific genre, but they definitely have a very strong hard rock feel with a modern twist. The band released their single ‘Take Me’ followed by the EP ‘Conspiracy’ just two months later. Their evolution as a band has resulted in solid, energetic live performances, where the band come alive, bringing the crowd with them.


Lively, loud and energetic, the guys are striking right from the outset, with thick, riff heavy guitars and solid, rumbling bass lines. Tom seems supercharged with nitro, his powerful drumming with Will’s melodic vocals overlaid sounds incredible; the multi-layering makes for an immense sound, it was pumping! Will has incredible tone, especially on ‘Silence’, dedicated to Fiona, DTF Front of House manager for the weekend. He was a great, engaging frontman, performing a fantastic Freddie Mercury-esque tribute.


These guys have gig etiquette to the max! They were so incredibly supportive of all the bands playing here this weekend and of the industry as a whole. Brilliant interaction and audience participation. This is an expressive, entertaining band and their set went by in a flash, a true sign of a fucking good band! They would make worthy headliners. It’s time you #jointheconspiracy


Shoutout to Stu Bailey who has to riverdance over his gigantic pedal board! #NicestGuyInRock

Not Alone [2.0]

Games Brains & Headbanging Life

Essex, UK up and coming rock band, White Raven Down have released the video for the track Not Alone taken from their Conspiracy EP. The audio has been remixed by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine and Stone Broken) to give it a 2.0 flavour.


We like White Raven Down. We like them a lot. We look at them and can see a band that could be huge in the future if they continue to work as hard as they currently do.

They just seem to get how to be a band in modern times. Huge social media presence, building and securing a tight fanbase before spreading their wings and heading out around the country. Then there is the music. A tightly controlled slab of hard rock that is both radio friendly and filled with head-bangers at the same time.

Join the conspiracy indeed.


This new release just cements everything we already know. For starters…the video is a banger. Very professional and so very rock and roll. As for the song? It’s simple really…it’s a catchy banger that highlights everything great about this band.

From the groovy as heck riffs to the powerful yet restrained vocals to the depth the bass adds to the rhythm and the meatiness of the drums. It’s impossible to not bang your head along to this track but you already know that, right?

If not, check it out yourself...

Aonia Fest - Live Review

Games, Brains & Headbanging Life

The Corporation, Sheffield

Brendan – What a talented group these guys are. They really do seem to have it all. Great vocals, an excellent guitarist and a brilliant rhythm section that pushes out a plethora of filthy grooves. They have great stage presence too. Even a broken bass string, spot of spontaneous jogging for the bassist to get a replacement and the 3 minutes of improvisation while they wait for his return becomes an endearing moment rather than an awkward one. They are infectiously enthusiastic, and their music catches you and pulls you along on a wave of punchy riffing. I could happily have listened to these guys for another 30 minutes. Join the Conspiracy – I have.

Carl – The mark of a great band is how they handle an on-stage issue, the one Brendan mentioned above and White Raven Down are a great band. Plying their hard rock sound, they are the epitome of professionalism and knock it out of the park with a bunch of head-banging tunes. I’ve been a fan for a while now and shows like this just confirm them as one of the shining lights of the UK rock scene.

Hard Rock Hell Xlll

Acoustic & Electric Live Review

Rock Media UK

A great way to start the day from White Raven Down with a chilled out acoustic set, supposedly their first in front of an audience. If that is indeed true we wouldn’t have known if they hadn’t told us. With Bill the singer suffering from a touch man flu and the set list left back in the van they were taking a risk that all would be okay. But with Tom the percussionist switching between bongo and cajon as the song required, they clearly had a great feel for the material, with the vocals to a degree benefiting from the singers suffering, the voice breaking up at times but this just had the effect of adding extra soul and emotion. Stu on guitar added sensitive backing vocals enhancing the impact of the songs. There was some good banter with the audience and to finish proceedings they feigned covering Stairway to Heaven before launching into an amusing and enjoyable cover of Tenacious D’s Tribute, before finally ending with the closing line from Stairway, brilliant. Later in the day White Raven Down performed an electric set starting with a great dramatic build up led into an energetic and powerful delivery but unfortunately due to a bout of man flu the vocals from Bill were weak. Turning up the vocals in the mix would have helped combat this, but he soldiered on and did a pretty good job in the circumstances and the crowd engagement was great. Fortunately I’d seen their acoustic set earlier which gave me a good indication of their song-writing skills. should be when fully fit so I will have to seek out these guys again when they have a fully functioning singer.

The Yard, Cornwall. 

Live Review

Music News

Next are another bunch of relative newcomers that have only been around for a few years, and have clearly been hungry to get back on stage. White Raven Down play their blend of hard rock and metal with power and precision and are extremely tight. Guitarist Stu makes his presence and his huge riffs stand out even further as he positions himself on the concrete security barrier to get closer to those craving the metal. Songs from their debut EP Conspiracy are fiercely banged out and prove that these guys have what it takes to take the metal genre to the next generation.

The Yard, Cornwall.

Live Review

MMH - Home Of Rock - Rockhammer Stevie J

Now I have to admit, I’ve been a big fan of their music for a while now and was chuffed to see them on the bill. Lo and behold, the boys from Essex were every bit as good live as they are in the studio. They were so pumped up prior to this, to return to live music means everything and deliver the goods they did. If you’ve not heard them before, it has to be said they have a unique sound, and delivered a perfect set with the energy and banter bursting from every pore.

Stu-Bailey (guitar) delivers some crystal solos on his Gibson SG whilst the solid rhythmic throb of Tom Mrazek (drums) & Luke Chappell (Bass) keep a power backing thumping along to perfection. 

Now here’s where they pulled off an unusual master-stroke. They opened with a new song, from their forthcoming album called Mindreader. Instantly we were all drawn in, what could have been a kiss of death became a mesmerising moment and it wasn’t long before the guys had the crowd on their side delivering the tempo-changing Broken Door, along with their big tunes such as Take me, Salvation and Not Alone, singer Will Taylor, looking for all the World like a younger, thinner Russel Crowe, wowed and won the fans by leaping off the stage to sprint around the crowd, all the while delivering a clipped and majestic vocal set. 

In short, the guys lived up to all my expectations, and won many more fans with that performance- if you haven’t checked them out, you need to, from playing them on Rockhammer, I can tell you they have been equally well received on both sides of the Atlantic now.

B2 Venue, Norwich.

Live Review

Excell Rocks

First up on the night were White Raven Down and it was great to finally meet guitarist Stu Bailey in person and not through social media before they hit the stage.

The aural onslaught began and it brought a smile to the face and a shiver to the spine as they blasted their way through a set containing the likes of Salvation, Take Me and the brilliant Not Alone and also treated us to a new song set to be on the new upcoming album, and what a song it was too! It was a blistering start to the night which saw Stu disappearing into the crowd on a number of occasions, his fingers a blur as his guitar wailed. What a great bunch of guys and what an awesome display they put on, if you get the chance to see them live you won’t be disappointed.

The Station, Cannock.

Live Review

MMH - Home Of Rock - Diane Davies

Since their first single ’Take Me’ in 2018 the four guys of White Raven Down have gained a load of media attention and are now beginning to appear regularly on festival lineups, they are also the special guests for Gin Annie on the up coming tour starting at the end of September. You are immediately taken with the strength of this band, the power in the vocals of Will Taylor is backed up by the force of Tomáš Mrázek from the drum stool, the fervent guitar of Stu Bailey and faultless bass playing of Luke Chappell. Altogether they make their own style of heavy and unrelenting rock and it’s something to relish. They embark tonight with ‘Mind Reader’ and the audience is all too ready for some serious ear bashing. Many from the Conspiracy album of 2018 make up the set, ‘Broken Door’ and the encapsulating ‘Not Alone’ with its grungy, hardcore riffs. ‘Silence’ sees Will deliver more extreme vocals and there’s a few bars of Sabbaths Iron Man to give it added pleasure. ‘Take Me’ with it’s mind destroying guitar intro from Stu, is a fan favourite and even seated you can see the Station is buzzing with enjoyment. ‘All Day Long’ and then the almighty ‘Salvation’ brings matters to a finale. Despite being at tables and socially distanced, WRD managed to create an electric atmosphere and if this is anything to go by, they will be adding many more to their fan base ‘The Conspiracy’ ( Group of Ravens ) during the rest of this year.  

The Annual Mayors Fest 2021 - KKs Steel Mill, Wolverhampton.

Live Review

We Bleed Music Media - Dave Martin

Getting back just in time to see the very popular White Raven Down.  Relentless touring from these guys has built them a nice size fanbase and in January 2020 they played to a packed-out introducing stage at Butlins Minehead, so popular that the fans have voted them back to open Giants of Rock mainstage 2022 which will give them an even larger audience to play to.

This Essex quartet play hard and heavy rock, and man are they loud: their lead singer Will Taylor wearing a black leather jacket must have been melting under the lights as it was hot enough in the crowd.  Grabbing a baseball cap with a spinning propeller on top he put it on the head of guitarist Stu Bailey and span it but Stu’s face wasn’t impressed at this sweaty thing on him and soon threw it off; cries of “Stu, Stu” from the audience brought a smile to his face, along with Luke Chappell on bass and tub thumper drummer Tom Mrazek, they kept the crowd dancing and singing with all their songs.

Will came into the pit and had the already enthusiastic crowd clapping their hands on their new single Roll of the Dice, slowing it down after for a beautifully sung number Silence with its mellow intro.  Will’s vocal power truly came out on this song and he showed he can really hold a note.

Eventually the jacket came off, Salvation had a blues rock vibe to it with more screams of Stu showing just how much the fans love him, ending with the fast and furious Salvation.  A blistering performance from a band that has a huge future.

HRH - NWOCR - O2 Academy, Leicester.

Live Review

Rock Media UK - Dee Dee

The long introduction of ’Mind Reader’ is a familiar opening for White Raven Down fans and there were stacks of them in the room for the bands performance on stage 1. Driving straight up from their appearance at the Giants Of Rock Minehead, the night before, these guys were a welcome last minute addition. Couldn’t believe the number of White Raven Down t-Shirts around the venue either.

Off the excellent ‘Conspiracy’ EP from 2018 ‘Broken Door’ stumbles into view, heavy and menacing, this is the epitome of these guys style. Will Taylor has the most rich and soothing of voices, but rises to the challenge of meeting Stu Baileys ground shaking guitar riffs, with equally threatening lyrics. The two singles from last year, ‘Price You Pay’ and ‘Roll Of The Dice’ are circulated around the 02 next and both are astonishingly good with moody and low bass from Luke Chappell and bludgeoning drums by Tom Mrazek.

The four piece from the South East pursue the newer songs with the iconic rolling of ‘Take Me’ where Stu delivers more flavoursome guitar, with a little ‘Iron Man’ inserted, the crowd are well into this set now. ‘Salvation’ and ‘Not Alone’ pulverise us to the end and I’m reminded yet again, why I adore White Raven Down. Be sure to visit the bands social pages, as there’s a new album on the horizon. (DD)

HRH - NWOCR - O2 Academy, Leicester.

Live Review

We Bleed Music Media - Dave Martin

Arriving fresh from their opening set the previous night at Butlins, Minehead. These guys were called up literally at the last minute as a band pulled out due to Covid, and knowing them they were more than ready to rock the HRH stage today.

The fiery foursome is Will Taylor lead vox, Stu Bailey guitar, Luke Chappell bass, and Tom Mrazek on the Drums.

Stu immediately went into one of his excellent guitar solos, raising his arms and getting the large crowd going, Will wrapping his arms around him and attempting to tickle him while he was playing. This sums the guys up perfectly: they love to perform and have fun doing it.

Mind Reader is their first number and you immediately hear the powerful vocal of Will’s, I have always been impressed with his mic control: totally on point so his voice can be projected perfectly. A couple of more songs in Will says a big thank you to the HRH crew for asking them to step in and play today which received loud applause. Stu then announces they have their debut album coming out in April to loud cheers and then played a new song from it Roll of the Dice, Tom’s machine gun drumming totally dominating this exciting track.

Take Me segueing into the Sab’s Iron Man followed with more classy guitar work from Stu, this guy is a real fan favourite and the cries of Stu Stu could be heard from them.

Salvation is where the rhythm section of Luke and Tom show off their skills and before the last song of the set Stu thanks everyone for coming to see the bands this weekend and echoes everyone’s sentiments: Long live live music, and gets them to sing along on Not Alone. Well done guys: after that big double shift of yours you deserve a long break.

HRH - NWOCR - O2 Academy, Leicester.

Live Review

Metal Planet Music - Gary Spiller

Another last minute call-up follows in the hard-hitting form of Essex-metallers White Raven Down whosnap smartly at the heels of Bastette. Such are the current times we live in; learning to ‘live with’ is the order of the day.

Within current regulations festival lineups are going to be subject to these short-notice alterations but with quick reactive energies then all isn’t lost. Indeed, WRD, having played in Minehead the previous night at Giants of Rock, have taken a massive detour on their return leg home.

The extra miles expended are well worth it as the incendiary quartet deliver a 40 minute, 7 track set that does its very best to engage structural demolition.

It’s fast, it’s frenetic and with the likes of anthemic ‘Broken Door’ and bone-crunching ‘Take Me’ lifted from their 2018 EP ‘Conspiracy’ it’s a beautiful bludgeoning. The latter sees the strong house outfit pay homage to Sabbath by inserting ‘Iron Man’ into the proceedings.

Such is the intensity of this quartet’s delivery there’s a constant lookout for a fifth member; make no bones about it these guys kick out one heck of an output. In a touch of irony a well-meaning wag in the sizeable crowd calls out “Turn it up Stu!” Latest single ‘Price You Pay’ is an absolute demon of a riffer with a pounding bassline that crushes even the most tortured of souls.

This unkindness of ravens flex their darkened feathers as they harness the power from within to great effect.

Don't Shoot The Messenger

Album Review

Rock Media UK - Dee Dee

We have been waiting for this for so long our mouths have remained parched in anticipation. Ever since White Raven Down released the ‘Conspiracy’ EP in 2018 we have been teased with singles such as ‘Masquerade’ and ‘Roll Of The Dice’ and now at last we have the debut album ‘Don’t Shoot The Messenger’. White Raven Down are a band that have stunned us with their live performances over recent years and are one of those acts you dare not miss.


Amazingly their records contain the equal amount of depth as their live sets and reach every sensory neuron in your body. So now I’ve received and played the forthcoming Eleven tracks, is my gun loaded to shoot the messenger or not?

Silky and succulent chords introduce us to ‘Demons At Your Door’ an opening with warmth and precise measurement. The temperature rises with the vocals of Will Taylor, I just love that soulful richness, he delivers. Fans of the band will be familiar with a few tracks already and ‘Price You Pay’ is one of them. It strikes with familiarity, like the appearance of an old friend, swirling guitar strings from Stu Bailey and more lush vocals, just round it off, it’s a mind blowing piece. The bashing sticks from Tom Mrazek fittingly underpin ‘Not Alone’ it runs with a post grunge feel and when Luke Chappell’s bass is forefront, your heart simply beats faster. Falling to earth with ‘Masquerade’ the album takes a breath, slowly oozing a more divine tempo and allows us to sink into a brief comfort zone. ‘All Day Long’ is a beautiful, messy track. Low and dirty, with more attacking drive and rampant screeching guitar again from Stu. You have to air strum along to ‘Mind Reader’ it’s one of those that’s relentless, punching you from every angle and yes, head-banging is strongly advised.


‘Roll Of The Dice’ is a melodic symphony, creeping into view, with higher vocals and another bass line that offers so much empathy. A well known track "Salvation" is down in acoustic version, drifting and swaying like a cool breeze on a sultry afternoon. The laid back theme continues on ‘The Road’,

harmonies and keys introduce us to another side of White Raven Down and for a few minutes we are taken into a magical and spiritual world. ‘Lost Your Hold’ is the latest single and has a lyric video on the bands YouTube channel. This is brutal stuff, a speed guitar intro and hollering, before a riff that cuts like a serrated knife. It dives and marauds with such fierceness, using shock tactics to encapsulate you. ‘Void And Flame’ quickly spins from gentle lullaby to mass destroyer, god it doesn’t get much better than this, it summons everything from the pits of desolation to join in, bringing the album to a magnificent close.

This is one album you must grab, it has all the elements, all the ingredients and all the quality we’ve come to expect from this extraordinary band. It has been so well planned out and each track takes you somewhere you’ve never ventured before. Pleasantly formidable and challenging it’s been well worth the wait. The messenger is safe, I didn’t shoot him, I fell in love with him.



Don't Shoot The Messenger

Album Review

Cyderbaby - Dave

I’ve been waiting for this album since hearing the first single drop ages and ages ago!


White Raven Down are such a fantastic bunch of people making great music. If you’ve seen them play, then you can tell just how much passion they have for their craft. After listening to the singles and now the album, you can see just how well they have taken that passion and transferred it into a killer album. 


"Apollo learnt of the Coronis’ infidelity from the White Raven….. in his rage, Apollo took his bow and fired the flaming arrow at the Corvid…..The arrow struck the messenger thus making his scorched corpse, and his kind, black as night…. Forever"


I spoke to the guys are few months ago via zoom and you could tell then that they were excited about the album.....I think you know deep down when you’ve created something big, because all you want to do is tell everyone about it. Stu was bursting to say something and you could tell that he was trying really hard to reign himself in. So....yes, I really am expecting big things from this album. 


Am I disappointed? Hell No!


Demons At Your Door

A slow and delicate opening to the first track which builds from a great solo/noodle to a heavy Riff. The track then cuts back again to allow the vocals to swoop and soar, taking you on a flight of musical discovery. There is a depth to the Guitar sound that I really like and when the solo nearer the end takes hold of you....its got a tight grip and it doesn’t let you go! How do you start an album with such a classic like this and then give you more further down the line? Evidently this is just the start of something big.


Price You Pay.

This was the second single released and its more standard in its initial format, with a Beautifully heavy Riff that you can really get behind. This is far from simplicity as the guitar and bass lines are quite intricate in their design.


Not Alone.

Heavy and thick guitar sounds matched with some superb drumming, let’s this track search out your soul that you thought was well hidden and drags it out through your chest. Match this with perfectly balanced vocals, this is a killer track.



The third single, with my favourite vocal melody which drives the song. Not so heavy from the outset as the previous couple, but it builds, almost like a firework....slow to start but gets brighter and brighter until its timely conclusion.


All Day Long.

There’s no getting away from it, that dirty riff at the beginning is the star of this show. It lulls you into a false sense of security until you realise it kidnapped your previous favourite track by whoever and thrown it to the wolves without a care. That riff knows that IT is now your favourite track ever! It is only outshone by the solo.

The only thing that comes close to beating the riff, is the performance by the rest of the band! Can I say its my favourite track here? Not quite.


Mind Reader.

Continuing in the vein of sick dirty Riffs, this one grabs you by the balls and tears them away!

Just how the drums and Bass keep up with the pace set by the guitars, I have absolutely no idea! That break down in the middle (if you can call it that), is pretty divine and then you get that shredding. Holy cow...........


Roll Of The Dice.

The first single released and pretty much the first time I heard these guys. A steady riff rolls through the entire track, allowing the vocals to take centre stage and carry the song. They do this with style I may add, we all probably have different ideas on what song should be a single, at first listen....the previous couple of tracks would have been absolute bangers...but you need that track to highlight the completeness of this band and ‘Dice is certainly that.



An acoustic track which shows another side to the band. I love this because it’s completely different to all the other songs but at the same time, its a perfect fit with the band. It also allows you time to draw a breath and recover a little.

The second half ....just saying.


The Road.

Just who did the production on this album? It is superb! This track really shines because of it. Its a slow burner which builds. There is great use of keys in this, I’m not a huge fan of keys in Rock as it can be overdone and make it sound very European. Bang on the money here though.


Lost Your Hold.

The current single with its blistering fretwork and pounding drums. It’s March like riff during the verse is massive and the key change near the end is inspired.


Void And Flame.

Don’t let the gentle intro fool you....this track will shred the eardrums! This track will get the most stoic of people nodding their head in time, a helluva way to finish an album. You get sudden movement changes and a delicious guitar tone in many different sections. How can you fail to love this track??


The tracks do seem to follow a particular order, like a story is being told. Not in a concept album manner, but close. Thought has been given to every word that the entire album some depth and meaning to match the sheer brilliance of the music itself.



For me, this is the perfect album. Every part of this album has been well written, performed with style and produced to perfection. Heavy, meaty Riffs with hard hitting drums and a bassline that is more like a lead in intricacies. The vocals are bang on point throughout the entire album, never forced, never in excess.


This is the album of the year. There is nothing out there that can touch it. I dare anyone to even consider trying to change my mind. I will even go as far as saying, that if it doesn’t make the top 5 album’s of the year in the NWOCR polls, I shall interview the band again to commiserate, wearing a pink leotard and tutu. This is how confident I am in this album.


Buy this album, stream the Merch and go to a gig where they are playing. Make sure you tell your friends, tell your neighbours and play it loud.

Don't Shoot The Messenger

Album Review

We Bleed Music Media - Dave Martin

After their highly successful, self-released, ‘Conspiracy’ EP back in June 2018 they showed that this was a band that was going places, and now their eagerly awaited debut album ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’ will be upon us at first digitally on Friday April 8th and then as a physical copy a week later on the 15th. 

Endlessly touring, they have built a huge fanbase and, like us, anyone who has seen them perform live will be excited by this news. 

The album kicks off with Demons at Your Door: a thunderclap soundbite followed by a dynamic and atmospheric Dire Straits sounding guitar intro from Stu; Tom’s drums kick in and you know right from the off you are in for something special, and it just gets better: powerful guitar sounds and the rhythm section of Tom and Luke tearing it up. Will has a growl to his vocal and you can just feel the energy. There is a clever time change to slow it down on the outro. 

Price you Pay was the second single to be released: this has riffage a plenty – let me see your heads banging! A scorching anthemic number that once again shows Stu’s guitar prowess and the full in-your-face force of this band. 

Not Alone: Fast and furious double pedalling from Tom is the highlight of this number; riffs and hooks hitting you from every angle, with powerful vocals from Will. 

Slowing it down a bit for their single Masquerade, with quiet riffs a great use of the echo mic, and a sweet vocal from Will. This has a bit of a commercial vibe and I can see it getting lots of radio airplay. 

All Day Long – an infectious riff runs through this bass driven number, Will shows off the true power of his voice on this with piercing screams and another brilliant guitar solo from Mr Bailey. 

Mind Reader another riff-laden track that these guys do so well and makes them such a crowd pleaser at live events. Stu is simply on fire with his axe and Tom and Luke keep the driving beat going,  

The single Roll of the Dice is next, and this is all about Will’s great voice. the other guys take more of a back step on this number and let Will drive the whole song. This is a more laid-back approach to the rudiments and guitar work, and shows a different side to the band.  

Speaking of different sides, the next number is an acoustic piece: Salvation with Mr Mrazek on toms and is really beautiful, and also shows that the guys don’t just rock it up. 

The Road is another beautiful number, this time a love song. There are some great harmonies here and it shows the brilliant musical creativity of the band. 

Lost Your Hold is the new single and is a brilliant rocking track. Tom once again displaying his tub-thumping skills to the fore; this is my favourite track on the album: a real piece of thrash metal with choppy guitar breaks, ear piercing vocals and a chugging bassline. 

Ending the album with Void and Flame, with more speedy riffage to keep everyone happy and a great way to end this excellent debut. 

The White Raven is considered to be a corvid bird of good fortune and luck. 

White Raven Down is the polar opposite. 

With covid putting this album on hold for quite a while has the wait been worth it? HELL YEA! 

Mixed and mastered by John Cornfield, the sound on this album is totally on point, and the boys have released a piece of music that has to be up there for the album of the year award. 

The Station, Cannock.

Live Review

MMH - Diane Davies

Do you remember the emergence of this band back in 2018 with the debut single ‘Take Me’ ? It was the start of a ride for these guys that hasn’t meandered or stopped short since, with tours, festivals and an outstanding first album ‘Don’t Shoot The Messenger’. Fast forward to the present and guitarist Stu Bailey has doubled up as vocalist for over nine months now. ’Mind Reader’ is the opener after a dramatic intro, the riff is a succulent taste of what’s in store for us. Blending the grit with smooth melody is how WRD beguile you and ‘Roll Of The Dice’ with its rolling overtones and distinct lyrics is such a force to be reckoned with. Raising the whammy for ‘All Day Long’ and ‘Demons’ the set is now in its highest gear and totally mind bending. ‘Salvation’ is a wondrous song, harmonies and a drop in tempo, giving us a lush feel of summer on this cold evening in Cannock. ‘Price You Pay’ regains the momentum and ‘Void & Flame’ is another that takes you into the depths, wondrous stuff. After the aforementioned ’Take Me’ we are invited to participate with ‘Whoa’s’ for the chugging and rifftastic ‘Lost Your Hold’. Nice to hear some tracks live for the first time tonight, as well.   

I recall the first time I watched Stu take the mic, it was at last years Breaking Bands festival. I was nervous for him, it was a massive undertaking, replacing a singer like Will, who had such a powerful range and even after that stunning performance, to be completely honest, I wasn’t convinced it was the right decision. Where am I going with this, well it’s been a while since I saw them live and tonight Stu proved not only to me, but everyone in the room, that WRD have moved on and are now more capable and compact than ever. Stu has vocals that match the songs with enhanced passion and the type of aggression that’s required, something Will was naturally capable of, but Stu has this ability to pour his vocals direct from the heart, which he delivers so emphatically. It made it a truly heartwarming experience. They are back in the Midlands soon for The Mayors Fest and Sharkfest, don’t miss them . 

The Waterloo, Blackpool

Live Review

Rockflesh - Craig Wilkinson

“Do you want heavy riffs?” demands White Raven Down’s Stu Bailey at the start of their set.  Unsurprisingly the answer is a resounding yes, and that’s precisely what the band give us, with a thick powerful sound. Unfortunately, just as the band are firing on all cylinders, building up momentum and only two songs in, a technical hitch with Stu’s mic brings proceedings to a grinding halt.  


But to the band’s credit the way they deal with this unexpected setback manages to turn a negative into a positive.  Stu has a natural, easy way with crowd and his bantering with them not only keeps them entertained, but when things do eventually kick back in, the audience are firmly on the band’s side and more engaged than ever.  When ‘Salvation’ from their 2018 “Conspiracy” EP does finally finish, it almost feels like a triumphant ending despite being so early in the set. 

‘Demons at your Door’ shows a different side to the band, a much more atmospheric, brooding and introspective piece that still manages to build to an intense conclusion, it provides a welcome counterpoint to the more in-your-face material that bookends it.  It’s sprawling, epic and frankly awesome, and wins me over completely.  The final one-two of the heavy groovy riffage (at least that’s what it says in my notes) of ‘Take Me’, and the up-tempo ‘Lost Your Hold’ bring the set to a winning close.

Nightrain, Bradford

Live Review

Emerging Rock Bands Magazine - Nick Ashton

After a quick change over, White Raven Down hit the stage with a huge sounding Mind Reader. This track hits hard and heavy on 2022’s debut album Don’t Shoot The Messenger, but it is the live setting in which this song really comes to life. Stu Bailey can’t hide his excitement at being back on stage in front of an enthusiastic audience. Now firmly established as the vocalist, as well as playing guitar, you’d never know that Stu only took over the job of singer 12 months ago. He has grown in confidence, and has taken a willing audience with him, to the point where it’s hard to remember the band as a four-piece. All Day Long is gone in the blink of an eye, driven by Luke Chappell’s bass and powerhouse drummer Tomáš Mrázek, and then we come to an early set highlight in the form of Salvation. This is one of my favourite songs from the Conspiracy EP, which showcases White Raven Down’s song writing strengths: a catchy melody with a sing along chorus, driven by a brutal riff and killer solo. Honestly, what more could you want?


Next, we have a change of pace as Stu peels off the tasteful opening solo that heralds the arrival of Demons At Your Door. Written on a wide, cinematic canvas, this song represents another side to the band showing that they can paint soundscapes as well as bludgeoning riffs. This is definitely a song designed to be heard in arenas. Take Me follows with another killer solo from Stu before we get to Roll Of The Dice. Luke and Tomáš provide the brutal underpinning to the melody and yet another sing along chorus so typical of WRD. All too soon the end of the set arrives in the form of Lost Your Hold and some audience participation. Stu runs us through some scales and then the song kicks in properly with a staccato riff over the verse before heading into the woh, woh, woh chorus and a spiralling solo. Despite a valiant effort by the crowd, it’s probably just as well that the band were a lot louder!


White Raven Down are a band that thrive in the live setting and always reward the crowd with a set of pure rock and roll energy. Do yourself a favour and catch them on the road: I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Eden Nightclub, Ibiza, Spain.

Live Review

Hard Rock Hell Magazine - Viki Ridley

Having seen White Raven Down live many times now, they never cease to amaze me. This band is far from ‘metal by numbers.’  A 3 piece, full of might, they have a sound that encompasses everything from heavy rock, metal to funky riffs, and yes, there is always melody.

Front man Stu Bailey is commanding in his presence and he engages every crowd with ease. Having recently witnessed the guys hit the stage to a merry but flagging bunch of rockers at 12:30am in Es Paradise HRH Ibiza, Stu Bailey begins by regaling us all with tales of stag weekends and pool parties, in this very venue, straight away we are now mates, bonded by the great time, we are all on his side!

White Raven Down blasted through their first 3 tracks and instantly changed the energy in the room, sending us all grooving, dancing, throwing the horns and enjoying the metal party! Simply brilliant, every time, but don’t take my word for it, get to a show!

"Stole My Light"

Single Review

Hard Rock Hell Radio - Paul Cash Pure Rock Fury

The next chapter of this intriguing page turner that is "White Raven Down" doesn't disappoint! It's difficult not to love these guys and their first release as a 3 piece sees them set the bar high!! The opening riff hits you with all the subtlety of Thor's Hammer and its a song that showcases the trios undoubted talent.

"Stole My Light"

Single Review

MMH/Hard Rock Hell Magazine - Diane Davies

I think we can agree, as a 3 piece WRD are fully fledged now and this first single as such, goes all the distance in proving it. A band that can mix moody riffs with melody and still deliver that element of shockingly good uproar are few and far between. "Stole My Light" has all these qualities and defines how much progress WRD have made recently.

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