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We are absolutely super stoked to have been asked by New Wave Of Classic Rock - NWOCR to appear on their Volume Two CD including many top artists such as Inglorious, Wayward Sons, The Treatment, Absolva, The Fallen State, When Rivers Meet, Hell's Addiction, Midnite City, Firekind, Baleful Creed, Fallen Mafia, Verity White, The Howling Tides, @THEIA, Loz Campbell, Ethyrfield, Gallows Circus, Unknown Refuge, Electric Black, Brave Rival, The Karma Effect, KING HERD and MANY, MANY MORE!!

We are honoured to be a part of this EPIC release!!

Pre-order your copy NOW at to help get this awesome release charted in the official UK charts!!

Rock People Management - RPM Roulette Media

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